Thursday, September 23, 2010

NOWHERE / premiere at Grenoble, France

The absinthe crew started their tour across Europe, and one of the first stop was in Grenoble this week. So we decided to go there to meet the team and watch this film on a big screen.
As expected a lot of people went there and the organisators decided to do a second projection later in the evening...So we had some Red Bull and we enjoyed the music wich was played in the street by two dj's.

The film was presented by the big boss of Absinthe and a part of the riders like Romain De marchi, Sylvain Bourbousson,...So the film started and we were stocked by the quality of the picture, and also by the music. So two of three parts later, it's time for the powder surf, it's the part of Wolle Nyvelt. And that was what we expexcted..air tricks like flips, 180,one foot...and also a lot of turns, slash in the fresh powder.Just impressive! He pushed once again the limits..

So at the end we went to a very nice place, in a bar, to have some beers. We spent a very good evening at Grenoble, and we also came back at home with a lot of pictures in our mind.